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Advanced Cervical Cancer

What are the risk factors of developing cervical cancer?

Persistent or chronic HPV infection is the predominant risk factor of cervical cancer. Most sexually active women are exposed to HPV. But, it is not clearly understood why infection persists in only some. Other associated risk factors include a weakened immune system and multiple pregnancies. To read more about this, click here.

Is cervical cancer preventable?

Cervical cancer by HPV is preventable with HPV immunization and regular screening. Cervical cancer, in almost all cases, is preceded by a pre-cancerous lesion stage which slowly progresses into cancer. The long gap between pre-cancer to cancer stage gives ample opportunity for screening, detection & treatment. If you want to know more on screening, vaccination and detection, click here.

What are the possible ways to cope with cervical cancer and treatment?

It is important to talk freely to a close one on any kind of discomfort felt and to know of different ways to cope with cervical cancer and associated treatment. To read more, click here.