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Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer. Do I stand a chance of developing the disease?

The risk of developing CRC is higher if first degree relatives (parents, siblings) have had it. To know more on this and other risk factors, click here.

Will controlling my lifestyle reduce my risk of developing CRC?

Studies have shown a predominant role of lifestyle changes in influencing risk of developing colorectal cancer. This includes diet, smoking and drinking habits, exercise etc. However, there are also other risk factors which one cannot have control over. To know more, click here.

Should I wait to experience any specific symptom such as rectal bleeding or prolonged change in bowel habits in order to go for a colon cancer screening?

In most cases, colon cancer begins as small, noncancerous clumps of cells called ‘polyps’, at which stage, little or no symptoms are experienced. Over time some of these polyps can develop into cancer. This is the reason why regular screening is recommended esp. for high risk individuals to identify and remove polyps before they can turn into cancer. To know more on symptoms, click here, for more on screening/diagnosis, click here.

What are the possible treatment options a doctor might prescribe for colorectal cancer?

Usually, a combination of treatment options are recommended based on the general health and age of the patient. To know more, click here.